”Sense of Access to Justice “as a Framework for Civil Procedure Justice Reform: An Empirical Assessment of Judicial Settlement Conferences in Quebec (Canada).

6e biennale internationale de la négociation. An emerging worldwide civil procedure justice reform trend takes the user’s point of view into account in order to promote access-tojustice and support for the rule of law. In the Canadian context, the Quebec civil law province has taken the lead to renew its legal culture towards a participatory […] Lire la suite


Legal Design Lawering: Rebooting Legal Business Model with Design Thinking.

6e Biennale internationale de la négociation. This article focuses on giving lawyers a competitive edge in the evolving economy. It puts forth a framework for a new legal business model. Why should the legal business model be called upon to change? For at least two reasons: One is that clients’ needs are evolving toward pluralistic […] Lire la suite